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10 Seat say hello to European Production Series in Monza

Monza has held the first meeting of European Production Series,
focused on endurance cars and started up by Jordi Gené, Francesc Gutiérrez and Ian Planas.

EPS started in Monza with an amazing race, where 10 vehicles (almost 15 drivers) made a great job next to FIA World Touring Car Championship.

Sunred?s Seat Leon had a leading role in the first race. The car, driven by Spanish De Diego and Russian Kozolovsly, took more than 20 seconds of advantage with the second car, driven by another Russian, Ladygin, who drove alone all the weeking another Seat León. Podium was completed by Harriet Arruabarrena and Antonio Aristi. The spanish pair was driving a Seat León of PCR team. In Division 3, the smallest car in the meeting, Oscar Nogués ended first with a Seat Ibiza, followed by Isaac Tutumlu and Gutiérrez-Vilanova, all of them with Astra Racing?s Seat Ibiza SC Trophy.

In the second race, Ladygin (with a Seat Leon SC of spanish team Baporo) was first. Second place was for Arruabarrena and Aristi, and De Diego-Kozolovskly finished third. Nogués has been, again, the best Seat Ibiza SC Trophy, faster than Gutiérrez-Vilanova (second). Isaac Tutumlu Could not end the race.

After this first round, EPS Organizers are working hard to held a new meeting, that will take place in Brno (Czech Republic), on June 18th and 19th, where many hungarian, czech and East Europe drivers are interested in the competition. Drivers have congratulated organization because they?ve seen this competition can be very interesting in the future.

EPS has had a great support in this first meeting. Organización Comitee wants to thank you all the sponsors and, especially, Seat Sport, the first make to support the competition with their attendance and assitance. And, finally, Monza?s staff has demostrante why this is one the best circuits in Europe.

Race 1
1. De Diego-Kozolovskly (Seat Leon SC), 20 laps. 2. Ladygin (Seat Leon SC), a 20.875. 3. Arruabarrena-Aristi (Seat Leon SC), a 29.938. 4. Arruabarrena-Vigiola (Seat Leon SC), a 31.748. 5. Maleev (Seat Leon SC), a 35.131. 6. Benvenuti (Seat Leon SC), a 44.478. 7. De Dios-Dasí (Seat Leon SC), a 1.22.173. 8. Nogues (Seat Ibiza SC Trophy), a 1 vuelta. 9. Tutumlu (Seat Ibiza SC Trophy), a 1 vuelta. 10. Gutiérrez-Vilanova (Seat Ibiza SC Trophy)
Race 2
1. Ladygin (Seat Leon SC), 20 vueltas. 2. Arruabarrena-Aristi (Seat Leon SC), a 12.953. 3. De Diego-Kozolovskly (Seat Leon SC), a 13.522. 4. Benvenuti (Seat Leon SC), a 24.890. 5. Arruabarrena-Vigiola (Seat Leon SC), a 37.728. 6. Maleev (Seat Leon SC), a 46.755. 7. De Dios-Dasi (Seat Leon SC), a 1.59.883. 8. Nogues (Seat Ibiza SC Trophy), a 1 vuelta. 9. Gutierrez-Vilanova (Seat Ibiza SC Trophy).
Monza's Circuit will held, on May 14th and 15th, the first round 2011 European Production Series. This new European endurance will run alongside European rounds of the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), which assures an excellent impact.

The organization has worked hardly to start this contest, in spite of the the economical situation is not excessively encouraging. In Monza it is foreseen to have about 15 vehicles in track, with drivers from Russia, Spain and Italy in the competition.

You will be able to keep updated with tthe latest news in www.ep-series.com, where we will update the information and will offer HD images.